One Red Hen

This game my little kiddies is a very confusing memory game. If you have a bad memory, then you are screwed. You just need a bunch of people to play this one and a lot of memory power. The rules are simple...One person is the Story teller; he/she starts the game off. Story teller says...

One red hen

Then everyone must repeat the same statement. When it gets back around to the Story teller, he/she then says...

One red hen. And a couple of ducks

You must always start from the beginning everytime it is your turn and go to the next number. I will tell you the whole thing next. Just remember that the lines must be said verbatum or take as many drinks as the number you are working on. You never knew how hard it was to count to ten until you play this game. The complete story is this...

One red hen.

And a couple of ducks.

Three brown bears.

Four hopping hairs.

Five fine females.

Six simple Simons sitting on a stoop.

Seven Silcian sailors sailing the seven seas.

Eight egotistical egotists equalizing equal estasy.

Nine nude nibs nibbling, nibbl'n on Neptun's necterines.

Ten...I ain't no fig picker. I ain't no fig picker's son, but I'll pick figs before the fig picker's son comes home BY GOD! (as you slam your fist down on the table)

That wasn't so bad now was it. Try learning it when you are sober then get your friends trashed. ENJOY!

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